Wealth Management

Wealth Management

At the heart of Seaside’s Wealth Management approach is our open architecture model, where we place a strong emphasis on full and transparent disclosure of our fees and services. In turn, our Wealth Management experts are equipped to work across multiple platforms from financial planning to unbundled fiduciary services.

Selecting an Advisor

Customized Solutions

Wealth Management Services

Estate Settlement Services

Ensure that your instructions will be scrupulously followed and your beneficiaries will receive committed personal attention from your Seaside Trust Officer. An important part of your estate plan is selecting a representative to settle your estate according to your intentions. Seaside can take on all of the responsibilities, including:
  • locating, protecting and valuing assets
  • paying debts and expenses
  • tax planning, including preparing the estate tax return
  • distributing property according to your wishes
Your dedicated Seaside Trust Officer will manage cash and securities, including any business, real estate, or other special investments. We are even prepared to help beneficiaries revise their own financial plans once the assets have been distributed.


Enjoy the peace of mind that results from selecting a responsible and sensitive provider. Court-ordered guardianships protect the estates of those who are unable to handle their own financial responsibilities, typically children or disabled adults. A financial guardian is responsible for managing all assets in a prudent manner. An impartial and experienced provider, Seaside handles all financial responsibilities. We will:
  • pay all bills and ongoing expenses
  • determine overall cash flow requirements and living expenses
  • establish a monthly budget
  • coordinate medical insurance filings and expenditures for medical equipment
  • prepare and plan state and federal income tax returns
  • invest and manage all assets, including real estate
We take pride in administering estates to ensure the financial needs of our clients are met until they reach legal age or, in the case of special children and disabled adults, for the rest of their lives.

Trustee Services

Control the management of your assets today, while providing financial security for your family. A trust is an effective tool for managing your assets during your lifetime and for the benefit of your loved ones after you are gone. A trust ensures that your assets will be managed in the future according to your wishes, as well as providing significant tax advantages to help you preserve those assets in the present. When you name Seaside as your trustee, you and your beneficiaries enjoy the knowledge and expertise of a breadth of specialists in such fields as:
  • taxation
  • investment research and management
  • securities trading
  • real estate
  • mineral and special resource management
  • family business

Portfolio & Advisory Services

Seaside Wealth Management provides customized portfolio management and investment advice to clients with a wide variety of investment objects and risk tolerances. Unlike many other banks and financial service firms, Seaside Wealth Management embraces an open architecture in the selection process of asset managers. This means that we do not offer internally produced asset management products. We believe that it is difficult to be objective and maintain our clients' best interest if we sell our own products. Instead, we focus our considerable resources and talent on researching and selecting the asset mangers who are best able to accomplish your unique financial goals and individual needs. In constructing your portfolio we may engage:
  • Separate Account Managers
  • No load mutual funds
  • Exchange Trade Funds
  • Alternative Investment Strategies

Custody Services

Seaside offers a wide variety of custody services to our clients including:
  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Low cost trade settlement
  • Collection of income
  • Processing corporate actions
  • Pricing of securities positions
  • High Yielding money fund sweep vehicles for cash balances
  • Customized performance tracking capabilities
  • Principal and income reporting

About Brokerage Services

We provide brokerage and investment advisory services through International Assets Advisory, LLC (IAA). IAA is an independent broker/dealer that was formed in 1982 and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The firm currently services thousands of clients in the United States and around the world. IAA has offices in nine states and over $900 million in assets under management. They offer a wide array of global investment opportunities including domestic and foreign equity and fixed income securities. IAA has engaged National Financial Services, LLC (NFS) to provide clearing services. NFS is one the largest clearing firms in the United States providing clearing services to hundreds of independent brokerage firms. NFS is a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments. Seaside Wealth Management is able to provide extensive resources to compliment our expertise and knowledge of our clients' needs. Our IAA Financial Consultants also have access to cutting-edge technology, a diverse realm of industry experts and a comprehensive selection of investment alternatives to help our clients meet their investment objectives including:
  • Traditional Brokerage A full range of stocks, bonds, unit investment trusts and mutual funds
  • Investment Research Industry-leading research on equities, open-end and closed-end mutual funds
  • Tax Advantaged Investment A full range of both tax deferred and tax advantaged investments

About Financial Planning

Your financial affairs are complex. As one area of your financial situation changes, it directly impacts others. Seaside has Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) on staff to help perform a thorough analysis. This analysis will create your complete picture while supporting your goal.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

By understanding your individual objectives, we can help select investment alternatives and services suited to meet your financial needs and your tolerance for risk. We will consistently review portfolio and design strategies that can help manage your wealth and preserve your income, while addressing any individual investment issues you may have.

Retirement Planning

We can help you choose investment alternatives that guide you through the changes in your life that can affect your retirement savings, as well as assist in preserving your income for the future.

Educational Planning

We'll develop a strategy that is right for you and your family, helping you prepare for the rising cost of education with options such as a 529 plan or a Coverdell Education Savings Account.

Estate Planning

Whether it's providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren, or leaving money to a favorite charity, we will help you develop an estate plan or a trust that allocates your assets the way that you want.

Business Succession

We can help you accomplish tax planning, executive insurance and investment planning, as well as assist you in your employee benefits decisions.

Protection Planning

We can help calculate your life insurance needs, factoring in future changes in your finances and the rate of inflation.

About Insurance

Seaside National Bank & Trust owns and operates Seaside Insurance. Seaside Insurance is an independent insurance agency focused on providing our clients with insurance solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. We do not offer any proprietary investment products; instead, we operate as an independent agency. Seaside Insurance will perform a prudent analysis of all aspects of your current personal insurance plans to assure you have adequate coverage, proper ownership and beneficiary structure. We will also do a cost comparison to ensure you are receiving a good value on your policy. Whether you are considering new coverage, additional coverage or simply want a review of your existing policies, Seaside Insurance can provide you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision. Seaside Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance offerings including:
  • Life Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Term life
  • Universal life
  • Fixed annuities
  • Disability
  • Long-term care
  • Split dollar plans
  • Buy/Sell life insurance

About Retirement & IRA

Based on your personal guideline, Seaside Wealth Management can assist you in developing and implementing a sound retirement strategy.

Personal Retirement Options

Taking into consideration your unique circumstances and investment objectives, we can offer a number of alternatives designed to meet your particular retirement goals including:
  • Traditional IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • Rollover IRAs
  • Retirement Income Protection

Business & Self-employed Retirement Options

We offer a broad array of flexible retirement plans designed for business owners and self-employed investors including:
  • SEP IRAs
  • Simple IRAs
  • Individual 401(k) plans
  • 401(k) plans
  • Defined Benefit plans
  • Profit Sharing plans

About Seaside Elite Process

We have created an approach for managing your wealth that is unique in the market. We call our style "Seaside Elite." Seaside Elite is a simple term used to describe the four-stage program that drives our investment process: Client Discovery, Asset Allocation, Asset Manager Selection and Controlling & Monitoring. Our customized style yields unique, needs-based solutions designed specifically for your financial goals and desires. One of the most significant ways we're different from the vast majority of financial advisors is that we do not offer any internally produced investment products to our clients. We believe that it is impossible to be objective and represent our clients' best interests if we sell our own products. Instead, we focus our considerable resources and talent on researching and selecting those asset managers who are best able to accomplish your unique financial goals. We may find those resources in large nationally recognized investment firms or in small regional boutiques. While Seaside Elite is a formal approach to investing, it is fluid in its execution. We will lead you through each of the four steps within Seaside Elite with varying degrees of input and assistance, depending on your comfort level and desires.

Client Discovery

Creating a solid financial plan requires a carefully and thoughtfully designed road map. The first step in creating a unique and customized financial plan is client discovery. In client discovery, we work with you to assemble the financial and personal information necessary to create a custom financial plan for you. The confidential information we gain from client discovery creates the path for our investment strategy and ensures we deliver on our promise of providing needs-based investment solutions to you. We will use the information gathered in this step to help create your asset allocation model. In addition, the information is used to produce an individual investment policy statement, which details your asset allocation, return expectations, risk tolerance and investment constraints. We create your own unique investment policy statement to ensure we are meeting your financial goals and needs. We will work with you to collect information regarding your:
  • Investment objectives, goals, risk tolerance and time horizons
  • Asset allocation and portfolio of investments
  • Risk exposure and insurance plans
  • Personal investment preferences or issues unique to you
  • Income requirements and liquidity needs
  • Tax status
  • Trusted advisors
  • Existing financial plans
  • Charitable inclinations
  • Desired level of involvement with the day-to-day management of investments
  • Estate plan documents or your aspiration for the transfer of wealth to your heirs and future generations

Asset Allocation

Having obtained a clear understanding of your financial picture, we are in position to take the next step which is establishing an asset allocation plan. Based on your investment priorities and any other information obtained in the client discovery process, we will recommend your asset allocation model. Studies have shown that asset allocation is the primary driver in the performance of any investment portfolio. Therefore, we can not emphasize enough the importance of a thoughtfully developed asset allocation strategy. Together we will discuss the asset allocation model that we designed for you. Of course, you make the decision as to your asset allocation plans final configuration. Your asset allocation plan provides you with both an action plan to achieve your goals and objectives and the peace of mind that comes with having a plan to guide you down your financial path.

Asset Manager Selection

With your financial plan in place, we are ready for the third step in Seaside Elite which is asset manager selection. Seaside Wealth Management embraces an open architecture in the selection process of asset managers. This means that we do not offer internally produced asset management products. We believe that it is difficult to be objective and maintain our clients' best interest if we sell our own products. Instead, we focus our considerable resources and talent researching and selecting the asset managers who are best able to accomplish your unique financial goals and individual needs. To fulfill your financial goals, we have established a formal due diligence process to screen the industry for asset managers who are best suited to meet your needs. Our process is extensive and includes a number of quantitative and qualitative screens to select managers. We avoid any special financial arrangements which may cloud our judgment in this regard. Our due diligence process is perpetual. We will continually monitor the asset managers' and other financial services providers' performance to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We will not hesitate to recommend the replacement of any manager who fails to meet those standards.

Control & Monitor

Once your financial plan is in place, we regularly review and monitor the results of your investment portfolio and carefully consider where you are on the road to your financial future. We will adjust your strategy as necessary to ensure that you stay on track. Consistent communication is the cornerstone of our collaboration with you. We view our relationship with you as an ongoing dialogue. Your client advisor is always available to answer any of your questions The fourth step of Seaside Elite has two distinct areas: investment review and manager and fund performance.

Client Investment Review: Your client advisor will periodically review the results of your financial plan. The following categories will be addressed:
  • Asset allocation: Is the strategy still valid? Does your client advisor need to make any changes?
  • Identification of portfolio optimization: Is your portfolio being optimized? Is it working for you?
  • Client input: Do you have any questions or concerns?
Manager/Fund Performance: We will be vigilant in our supervision of the asset managers and other financial service providers selected for your portfolio. We review:
  • Style & style consistency
  • Performance relative to benchmarks
  • Consistency of excess returns
  • Peer group performance & consistency
  • Absolute returns versus risk
  • Qualitative factors
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