These Expedited Bill Pay Service Terms & Conditions govern your use of the Seaside National Bank & Trust ("Seaside") Expedited Bill Pay Service. The Terms & Conditions set forth below supplement the Terms & Conditions of the Bill Pay and Online Bill Payment Services. If the Expedited Bill Pay Service Terms & Conditions conflict in any way with the Bill Pay or Online Bill Payment Service Terms & Conditions, the Expedited Bill Pay Service Terms & Conditions shall take precedence. Please read carefully. By continuing with your Expedited Bill Pay request, you affirm that you have reviewed, understand, and agree to these Expedited Bill Pay Service Terms & Conditions.

Description of the Service:

The Expedited Bill Pay Service allows you ("Client") to submit Payment Instructions to the Bank for delivery of a payment to a Payee in an expedited manner compared to the standard timeframe of the Bill Pay and Online Bill Payment Service. Depending on the Payee, you may elect to make an Expedited Electronic Payment or an Expedited Overnight Check Payment to a participating Payee. A convenience fee (as noted on the Expedited Payment request page) per payment will be charged to your account for each expedited payment made. If a payment cannot be expedited in one or both of the methods described above, the option will not be displayed and the service will not be offered on that payment. Once you have requested an Expedited Payment transaction, you may not place a stop payment request on it or cancel the payment.

Service Guarantee:

If the payment is received later than the delivery date specified at the time the Expedited Payment was scheduled, and the payment instructions were valid and accurately provided to Seaside, you are eligible for a refund of the convenience fee. However, late fees charged by the payee are not the responsibility of Seaside and will not be refunded.


Expedited Electronic Payments are available for a limited number of payees. Availability of

Expedited Payment options will be limited based on payee capabilities, time of day, payment delivery logistics and other factors. Expedited Payments will be unavailable for delivery to PO Box addresses or any foreign or U.S. territory outside of the contiguous 48 states and the District of Columbia. The Client is solely responsible for entering and verifying any delivery address information for overnight check payments to ensure they are correct and are specified as a valid overnight package address by the payee.

An Expedited Payment request submitted with inaccurate or incomplete Payment Instructions may be rejected or may not be delivered on time. An Expedited Payment submitted on a non-Business Day, Federal Holiday, or after the Payee's daily cutoff time will be processed the following Business Day.

Due to the inherent need to expedite the processing of Expedited Payments, payment instructions will be processed and completed immediately upon submission of the request. You will not have the ability to edit or cancel payment instructions after you have confirmed the Expedited Payment request.

Tracking information for Expedited Overnight Check Payments may be available on the overnight carrier's website and a link to that site may be provided for added convenience. Seaside makes no representations or guarantees on the accuracy of the tracking details presented on the overnight carrier's website.


You will be charged a Convenience Fee for the Expedited Bill Pay Service on the date your Expedited Payment is processed. The Convenience Fee will be collected from your Seaside account as a separate transaction and in the amount specified on the Expedited Payment screen.

Provisions for Business Accounts:

The provisions in this section apply only to Expedited Payments from business accounts:

You agree that the security procedures associated with Internet Banking and the Expedited Bill Pay Service are commercially reasonable.

For Expedited Payments subject to Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC 4A"), we are liable only for damages required to be paid under UCC 4A. In no event will Seaside be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss, damage, costs or expense of any nature, including, without limitation, lost profits, even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damages.

In the event that a User on Internet Banking with the Bill Pay service entitlement issues one or more Expedited Payments to transfer funds or pay bills that are not associated with your business activities or debts owed by the business, you assume the entire risk of loss and indemnify and hold Seaside, our Directors, Officers, Employees and Agents harmless from all loss, liability, claims, demands, judgments and expenses arising out of or in any way connected with such payments.

Convenience Fees associated with the use of the Expedited Bill Pay Service cannot be added to Account Analysis for billing purposes or offset by Earnings Credits.