Busting the Myths of Online and Mobile Banking

Over half of all U.S. adults use online banking services1. Are your concerns about banking online stopping you from joining in? You may be surprised to learn it’s more secure than ever and virtually anything that can be done in-person can now be done, well, virtually. Take a moment to assuage your fears and dispel some myths of digital banking:

Myth: My banking information is at risk when it’s sent over the internet.

Reality: Federal laws and regulations require financial institutions to keep customer information secure and confidential.

On your end, as long as you’re on a secure internet connection (such as a home or work network), have anti-virus software and are on Seaside’s website or app, then your information shouldn’t be at risk. To be sure you’re on an official and secure website, manually type in the web address instead of clicking a link. You should also look for an “https:” (the “s” stands for “secure”) or a small lock icon next to the web address. To ensure your app is safe, always keep it updated to the latest version.

Myth: I’ll be charged extra fees for banking online.

Reality: Seaside doesn’t charge any extra fees for basic online services.

Myth: I can’t communicate with an actual person when I bank online.

Reality: Phone support is available.

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Source: Pew Research Center