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Fraud Prevention Services

Defend against payments fraud.

Payments fraud is one of the fastest-growing crimes against businesses. With Seaside Fraud Prevention tools like Positive Pay and ACH Debit Filter, you get peace of mind that you are building strong barriers between your money and the criminals who want to scam you.

Protect Your Paper Checks

Eliminate fraudulent compromises of your account with Positive Pay, a service that verifies checks presented for payment against an approved register. With the click of a button, you either clear the payment or cancel the payment, saving you the headache of dealing with potential check fraud.

A Step Ahead of Fraud

Electronic payments services, like ACH Origination, help streamline payments processing but are not without risk. Enrolling in protection services like ACH Filter allows you to identify a list of approved transactions. If anything comes through that's not on the list, you are alerted and able to review for processing or denial. We help you take control and keep things moving in the right direction.

When A Hard "No" Is Needed

Sometimes you need to put up the highest barriers around your funds. Services like Check Block and ACH Block offer you the untouchable protection your money deserves.

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