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Accounts Payable

Payments made easy.

Enjoy convenient access to your money and never be left in the dark. When you run your payment processes through us, you'll save time, money and headaches.
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ACH Origination

Use ACH to collect payments from customers or concentrate cash between multiple bank accounts.
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Business Debit Cards

Our MasterMoney® Business Debit Card can not only handle your everyday purchases but land your business excellent merchant rebates, as well.
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Direct Deposits

Free up time with fewer trips to the bank. Direct Deposit is a convenient, free service that automatically deposits funds into your account quickly and securely.
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Payroll Services

We’re ecstatic to bring you the best payroll solutions on the market. Plus, you'll get it all at a special discount.
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Purchasing Card

Take control of your corporate spending with One Card. Decrease costs on check processing, invoices, and purchase orders, and manage your transactions with this innovative payment solution.
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Tax Payments

We can't do anything about tax rates but we can help you submit your state and federal tax payments online easily and securely.
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Wire Transfers

Move money to and from your account in a cost-effective way with our Wire Transfer service.
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Zero Balance Accounting

When you link your company's accounts, we'll net the balance of each subsidiary account to the main account once your daily banking transactions have posted.

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